Sunday, April 28, 2013


Sorry my loves, this weekend there will not be a post due to finals. I love you all very much. Stay posted, next week there will be one for sure. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Remember, hugs not drugs!

I hope everyone's finals are going well! Keep that chin up! You're going to do great and you're going to make me proud no matter what!

Need a break from studying?

Watch this adorable commercial!

or listen to some JT!!

I will answer last week's question, next weekend.

Have a great week! Much love. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is LOVE?

Hopefully you have Haddaway's What is Love stuck in your head, because it's a great song. If not, listen to the song while you read this post!

This post is dedicated to everyone. Especially those who are suffering with personal tragedies. Including the people who feel the need to express hatred, violence, and terror. Even they need love.

Love is one of the most incredible gifts the world has been provided with. No one gives love enough credit. There are so many people who say, "Love sucks." Seriously, people?!? What in the world is wrong with you? Love does not suck, if you think love sucks, you need a change in your perspective or you have no idea what love is, like at all. And for all of you who claim that other people don't know what love is, shut up, like right now. Don't you dare ever tell anyone that they don't know what love is. Sure I just said that, but I meant it in a sense that they themselves have never experienced happiness in any form. 

Love doesn't mean glittery feelings towards one person who you plan to spend the rest of your life with, sure that is one form, but there are endless forms. Love comes in forms of gratitude, honesty, self respect, beauty, respect towards others, happiness, patience, kindness etc. All these things express love. Being grateful is such an important part of love. If you can be grateful and thankful for things, then you know how to love. Love doesn't mean loving someone or something, you can just love and you don't have to tell everyone you meet that you love them. People might look at you funny.

Kitty love!

Being satisfied with your life at this very moment is love. To those who believe that "love sucks," I have news for you. Just because someone broke up with you, or rejected you, or you feel like you are providing more to a relationship than your other half does NOT mean that love sucks. I am truly sorry that you feel frustrated, but, please don't blame it on love. Love is not to be blamed, love is pure and beautiful and it always will be. It is not love that "sucks," rather, you and your significant other that needs to communicate. Communication is key, and I know you've probably heard this a bajillion times, but it REALLY is. It feels so relieving to be able to open up to a loved one. And that is honesty too. Being honest doesn't mean not lying or hiding the truth, it means following what you believe, if you don't, then you are lying to yourself. And that is a huge crime. You may not be charged for it, but it feels horrible. Lying to yourself is not love. 

Loving yourself does NOT mean admiring your beauty, and thinking about how perfect you are. Loving yourself means to be honest to yourself, be happy with what you have and who you are. If you aren't completely happy with what you have and who you are, again, change that perspective. If you still aren't happy, work on it, work on yourself, do things that improve who you are. And to do that, start giving. Give to your community, help a friend, help a stranger, give to Purple Heart or something. PAUSE. When I said help a stranger, don't go picking up hitchhikers, I am not responsible for your crazy decisions. I do not want you to die, and I do not want you to put yourself in danger. I am not taking responsibility for this. If you want to know what not to do, comment below or tweet at me @squeakyNim. I love you all, whether I know you or not and I don't want you dying on me. I'd be really sad. 

Like this: 

I wanted to address this because I know everyone had a tough week trying to swallow the terrible news in Boston. Unfortunately, all those boys needed was some love in themselves, for themselves, and for their fellow neighbors. They needed to understand that love is SO much better than violence and hate. Love feels so good, it feels like glitter and cupcakes and rainbows and unicorns and sugar and awesomeness. Hate feels crappy, it really does. Hating someone feels so bad, it makes you want to cry and hit yourself or it makes you want to lash out at the world. The world is filled with love we just have to mine it. To be loved is great but to love is even better. Love and be loved. Share your love and you can make the world better that way. 

Don't do this to people you love please.

Love the world, love everything, love yourself, love others, most importantly just love. Revel in that love. You'll understand how perfect everything is. 

In reference to last weeks question: My favorite joke is 

Makes me laugh every time.

Question of the week: 

What is your favorite love song?

Answer below with a link or the name of the song with the artist. I would love to read your comments. 

Keep loving!!! Much love. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pretty sure rain is wet

For all those who live in the Midwestern Region of the great U.S. of A like I do, you may have spent your day indoors. Because this fine day wasn't so fine on outside of the brick boxes we like to call home. For those who are unaware of the forecast in this area, I have provided it for you.

It was grey and raining and snowing and cold all at the same time. Gloomy as gloomy can be.
As much as we wish it was bright as an average spring day should be, just remember that we need this sad weather to make the rest of our spring and summer b-e-a-uuutiful!

Need something to do on your rainy days? Or even on those days you feel like Squidward? Then boy, do I have news for you!

1. Take a longggg bath with bubbles! Boys, there is no shame in this, baths are awesome and they make you smell and feel squeaky clean!

2. Eat a handful of your favorite Girl Scout cookies! My favorites are Samoas & Thin Mints! 

3. Make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea. - I do this everyday just because tea is fantastic.

4. Bake something! -Baking is so great and I personally feel so accomplished after I've made something, plus I love sharing food, it's so much fun to see other people enjoy what you've made. 
For those who say they can't bake, I don't believe you. But here is a link for a delicious banana mug cake  I made it this morning, it turned out great. Unfortunately, I didn't wait for it to cool like it said in the instructions and I burnt my tongue. Don't do that. 

5. Watch a funny movie! I recently watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It's hilarious and weird and different. 

6. Paint yo nails, sista! I painted mine this beautiful "Tout Sorbet" color by Sally Hansen. It's bright and so pretty and it  totally made my day. Guys,there is no shame in this either, do what makes you happy.

7. Talk to a friend you haven't seen or talked to in a long time. No harm in approaching them first, plus we have all the technology necessary to make this possible right under our noses. 

8. Watch this adorable video, guys and girls alike will find this entertaining and sweet: Partly Cloudy  Thank youuu Pixar.

9. Or watch this one: 4 year old vs. the Curb Watching this little kid persevere through what most call a disability is a beautiful thing. Plus I'm obsessed with the way he keeps saying, "I can do it."  

10. Use your IMAGINATION, my sweet children. This is one of the greatest gifts that we were given. Daydream, make up things (but don't lie), draw a picture, write a song, invent something. I know you all have the ability to do this. If you can't figure out what to do, go talk to a little kid. Please don't talk to children you don't know, you'll scare them and you don't want their parents filing a harassment suit against you. Seriously though, talking to children is awesome, they have the coolest insights and they know exactly what to do with this beautiful thing called the imagination. 

Be like this:

Not like this:

In reference to last week's question: My favorite word is ABOMINATION!
Not because of the meaning, but because it's so much fun to say.

Question of the week:

What is your favorite joke? 

Answer below! I love jokes, all kinds of jokes, cheesy ones especially.

Much love, my sweet people.

Friday, April 5, 2013

What would life be like if we wore pants on our arms?

The title is random you say? Quite so. This question was actually posed by my younger brother who came up to me with a pair of pants on his arms. To his question I had no response as he ran away soon after.

Something important that everyone should know no matter how old they are or what stage of life they are in:

Don't be shy to ask questions, ever. People don't like to ask questions out of fear that people around them will think they are "stupid" or "inattentive." So what? That may not even be the case. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but we are not cats. Sorry if that's what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Before 10th grade, I never asked questions because no one around me asked questions, which in turn made me think that everyone understood everything except me. But that was not true at all, everyone just believed that asking questions meant annoying your peers, looking dumb, seeking attention, etc. Don't worry about what other people think about you. Especially if you know that what you are doing is right. I'm not saying that you can go to work covered in pizza sauce and expect everyone around you to understand that. For that matter don't go anywhere covered in pizza sauce, pizza parties included. 

On the plus side, by asking that question, you helped other people around you who had that same question, or if it is regarding a set of instructions, you'll be able to complete your task effectively.  

I'm an extremely curious person, I have so many questions about everything and sometimes people laugh at some of my questions because they find them amusing. I'm not offended by it because by nature I'm a silly person. 

Please enjoy this picture of this cute silly billy.

Seriously though, whenever you have a question no matter how ridiculous you think your question is remember these things: 

1. Finding out the answer is way more satisfying than not knowing.
2. Someone out there is asking a more ridiculous question than you.
3. That someone is probably me.
4. If you really don't want to ask someone that question but you still want (need) to know the answer, ask me! 

I'll be more than happy to answer it for you. Sorry if I can't answer it to your liking, but I will sure try. Better yet, try Googling it! Google is seriously one of my best friends. If I could I would totally put Google on my speed dial. 

I hope this post convinces at least one of you, because asking questions is fun and it's great! 
In honor of this post, here is a question for ya'll:

What is your favorite word?

You don't have to give me your answers but feel free to do so, I would love to read your answers!
There will be a new question ever week. Feel free to post anonymously if you like!

I'll have new posts every weekend. Much love.